A tree gift is the perfect gift.

Collectively, inadvertently, we are choking the planet with our waste and using up the earth's natural assets. Why not buy a gift that is good for everyone. There are no air miles, no packaging, this is a gift that will never be the wrong size or colour, will not end up in landfill. This is a gift that is actually good for the earth.

By planting a tree for a loved one, or planting family trees, you are marking the occasion in a big way. A tree or a few trees planted in your name is a gift that just keeps growing. To gift a tree that will make a woodland of the future, is a gift completely free from guilt, an eco-friendly gift that is good for the planet, and such a small way to make a big difference.
Actually, this is a special gift for so many occasions: a birthday, an anniversary, in memory of a special person or a pet, to celebrate a wedding day, to mark a retirement, or just to say 'thank you'.

Simply select a single tree (or as many as you want), choose a certificate and make it truly special with your own message. We will plant the tree with care and send via email, our tree pack: an art inspired personalised certificate, the treelover pledge and a photo of your tree or trees being planted with a simple message in the picture.

See our shop for other gifts you could add, printed certificates, tree tags, woodland flowers and bulbs to plant with the tree.

This really is a feel good gift.

We plant a tree in your name and care for it so it can reach it's full maturity

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