planting the sapling with care

Planting trees



When planting, we are keen to make it look as natural as possible, so although each tree will be given roughly 2 square meters to spread their roots and branches, it will be planted in a random, natural pattern to avoid rows emerging.

If you are buying more than one tree, say for a family group, we would keep these trees together to form a copse even if different species. Other than that, we plant so that the woodland has swathes of the same species of tree, much as you would a herbaceous border, trees sited on the most suitable area, for instance avoiding boggy areas for trees that hate wet feet, also we will include glades and a range of shrub species to create a diverse structure and variety of habitats for wildlife.

This is a newly prepared area ready for planting. There is a small pond which is brilliant for wildlife and we are planning a path to meander through the emerging woodland for visitors to the woodland.

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